Why WhatsApp Banned your number and how to avoid it 


Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp

Many of you have seen the above message from WhatsApp which is shocking for you. You always wondered, why this happened and what you should do to avoid this. 

This happens because you have violated their terms and conditions not necessarily the only reason being using WhatsApp mods like Gb Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp, etc.

 WhatsApp bans account in two ways of Ban, Temporary and permanent.

A temporary Ban is generally for 8 or 24 hours while a permanent Ban is as the name suggests,

A permanent ban is almost no documentation and explanation about the ban, it’s always a matter of speculation amongst the user as to why your number was banned.

Because your WhatsApp account gets banned, WhatsApp just gives you an email redirecting you to their terms of service document. You are redirected to this link. Which tells you to use WhatsApp in a responsible way. Then there is a link to the terms of services of WhatsApp, But that also does not tell you why your number got banned.  

But nothing tells you exactly why was your number banned.  You are left guessing and confused. 

The logic behind banning your number


We have to understand WhatsApp is owned by a for-profit company, Facebook. Their purpose is to maximize their revenue and profits. 

Their 2 crore users are their biggest asset on which they earn revenue with Business API that they provide. 

Their user base will keep on increasing as long as the service is clean and without spam. 

If someone sends lots of WhatsApp messages, then the service becomes bad and WhatsApp will lose its users. (Remember, their users are their assets). 

So if you generate SPAM messages, they will ban you. 


WhatsApp generates revenue through API and other automation services. 

So if you use third-party tools to emulate those functions then also WhatsApp will Ban your number. 

Is Ban dependent on the tool that you use?

It’s a common myth that the Whatsapp ban is dependent on the tool that you use. In fact, there is no relation whatsoever between the tool and the reason or logic for your number getting banned. 

WhatsApp monitors account activity on the server side and not on the client side. So the tool does not matter.  It’s the wrong use of the tool that is the problem.  In fact, you don’t need any tool for WhatsApp Marketing, everything is right built-in. 

⚠️⚠️There is nothing like WhatsApp Anti-Ban Tool. Don’t get yourself fooled by wrong marketing.

What is the reason for Banning your number?

1. Using a 3rd party tool for sending Automated WhatsApp messages. 

2. Sending Lots of Messages in a short period of time. 

3. A sudden increase in the number of messages sent. Especially on a new number. 

4. Sending the same message to lots of people, in a short period of time.  

5. The ratio of sent v/s received is wrong. You are sending lots of messages but you receive very less number of messages.  

6. Sending messages to unsaved contacts can also result in Ban. This clearly means that you are sending messages to people whom you don’t know. 

7. People report or Block you. This is the #1 reason for your number getting banned. 

How to activate banned WhatsApp number

  • Send an email to support@whatsapp.com from your official email ID.
  • Explain the usage pattern and request for removing the ban.
  • When you get a message that your number is banned, there is a popup with two buttons. Support and cancel.
  • Click on Support.
  • On the next screen click on none of the reasons above.
  • Now WhatsApp will open your Email Client and compose a message. Don’t press send yet.
  • Two things you need to do before you hit send.
  • Change the email ID to support@whatsapp.com (the original message will have something that says support@smb.whatsapp.com – this does not work).
  • Write a personal message, about why your number should be unbanned.
  • Please include the log file that is generated
  • You will get an auto-response saying that they are looking into the same.
  • After 4-24 hours, you should get a response and your WhatsApp number will get activated.
  • This may or may not happen based on what is detected by their servers. 

After 2-3 Ban, there can be a PERMANENT BAN. After that WhatsApp does not even respond to your email queries.

Be careful the above process is not guaranteed to work always. 

We have to remember that Whatsapp is a private company and not a govt department. Your logic does not apply there.

How to Avoid WhatsApp Ban

  1. Always send messages to People who know you or you know.
  2. Save people to your Contact List first before sending them the messages.
  3. Number and frequency of messages
    Increase the number of messages gradually.  The frequency of messages to people is important. Make sure that there is a gap of 7-15 days between two messages that anyone receives from your side. 
  4. Messages and their content is important
  5. Send messages that people would respond to.
  6. Don’t send the same message again and again.  Single messages don’t motivate people to take action. You need a series of messages or a campaign of related messages to be effective.
  7. Never send these types of messages:
    Obscene defamatory statements about anyone.
    Any message that might contain viruses or malware.
  8. Always use the official WhatsApp app. Using unofficial Apps like GB WhatsApp or any other is more likely to result in a ban.
  9. Always keep updated on the latest version of WhatsApp.
  10. Always use 3G or 4G and not Wifi.
  11. Use a phone number that is popular. Don’t get a new number for this activity.
  12. Don’t use Automation Tools. 

Some important tips

  • Always back up your WhatsApp so that you can restore the same. 
  • If some chat history is important then download it or email it to your email ID. 
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